Thanks to snow, Como skiers are good to go

from the Park Bugle
written by Lisa Steinmann

For winter sports lovers it was a long wait for the snow this year. However, even during the warm days of December it was possible to glimpse a winter landscape by visiting Como Park.

Visitors could listen to the howls of the timber wolves, watch a polar bear float on its back in an icy pool of water or stand in a snow flurry on the hillsides of Como Golf Course.

Thanks to machine-generated snow, as well as a few inches from Mother Nature, skiers and snowboarders are finally gliding down the hills at Como Park. On a recent Saturday, the slope was as busy as an anthill with groups of skiers and snowboarders zigzagging down the hill.

Keeping the hills at Como Park padded with snow enables the St. Paul Division of Parks and Recreation to offer their annual skiing and snowboarding lessons. For over 40 years the program has offered downhill skiing instruction to children and adults.

The Como Park golf clubhouse west of Lexington Parkway becomes the ski chalet from mid-December through February….

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